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There is no more important employee attribute than resilience yet it remains elusive in many workforces.


Resilience is generally accepted as the ability to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, take control of situations and plan for success. We would all like to think we have it but some people just seem to be more resilient than others.


If your workforce is determined, able to adapt to sudden change, and can handle stressful situations effectively then you are well on the way to a resilient organisation.


If you feel some improvements could be made, you should consider Mindset Wessex resilience training.

Studies show that we can develop and cultivate emotional resilience, so that we are more able to meet the challenges of work and life.


Mindset's practical, people-focussed approach has drawn compliments from employers across all sectors. Mindset's training has been developed with Psychology and Health practitioners to help identify the key features of resilience, explain how they can be developed and cultivated and how they can be maintained. Training can be tailored to your organisation - whether you are a large national employer, third sector organisation or small business.